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Dr Stephen Kinnear

Steve joined Stace Anaesthetists in 1997 and has been working in the practice continuously since that time.

Professional Interests

Steve has a wide range of clinical anaesthetic experience and a strong interest in teaching anaesthesia, particularly to anaesthetists in developing countries, and also to Australian anaesthetists who are preparing to work overseas. Steve regularly works in neighbouring developing countries.

A large part of Steve’s work in Adelaide centres around anaesthesia for urology, ear nose and throat surgery, eye surgery, general surgery and colo-rectal surgery including sedation for endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Training & Experience

  • Registrar in South Australian Anaesthesia training program 1981-82 and 1987-90
  • Registrar in Anaesthesia, United Kingdom, 1986
  • Senior Registrar in Anaesthesia, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1991


  • Volunteer doctor, Australian Volunteers International, working in the Cook Islands South Pacific 1983/84 and again in 1989/90
  • Consultant Staff Anaesthetist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1992/94
  • Inaugural Anaesthetic Training Program Coordinator, Pacific Anaesthetic Training Program, Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva Fiji, 1995/96
  • Senior Consultant Specialist Anaesthetist, Royal Adelaide Hospital,  1997

Other Apppointments

  • Visiting Consultant to the Anaesthetic Department, Flinders Medical Centre from 1997


2018 - Medal of the Order of Australia. Conferred by the Government of Australia "in recognition for service to medicine, particularly to anaesthesiology"

2018 - Medical Educator Award.  Conferred by the Australian Medical Association for "outstanding contribution to medical education"

2008 - Gilbert Brown Award.  Conferred by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists for "devotion and commitment to advancing anaesthesia and education overseas"

2002 - Presidents Award.  Conferred by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists to a member who has made a significant contribution to the affairs of the ASA