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Stace Anaesthetists

Dr David Zoanetti

David is a specialist anaesthetist, having joined Stace Anaesthetists in 2003.

Professional Interests

David maintains his skills and interest in all aspects of anaesthesia and acute pain management. He is particularly experienced in;

  • Anaesthesia for Children
  • Anaesthesia for Neurosurgery
  • Anaesthesia for Major Joint Replacement Surgery

Training & Experience

  • Registrar in the South Australian Rotational Training Scheme 1998-2002


  • Part time Senior Staff Specialist in Paediatric Anaesthesia at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, 2003 - 2023
  • Examiner, Primary Exam, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, 2008-2021
  • Retrieval Consultant, MedSTAR Kids, South Australia’s statewide retrieval service for neonates and children requiring critical care, 2011-2012
  • Director Associate Anaesthetist with Stace Anaesthetists 
  • Visiting rights at all private hospitals in Adelaide